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Momentary Monument – The Stone, by Lara Favaretto (1973 Treviso, lives in Turin); artwork for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

Material: Tittlinger coarse-grained granite; Dimensions: ca. 420 × 140 × 155 cm For Skulptur Projekte 2017, this series will be continued on the Promenade and in the neighbouring town of Marl, in each case with a hollowed-out granite boulder. At first sight, the four-metre-high stone seems to be an alien object or a glacial erratic. And yet, when you circle the boulder, it is evident that it was wrought by hand, which raises questions as to its function. There is a little slot that money can be dropped into. At the end of the exhibition the stone will be destroyed, the resulting gravel reused, and the collected money donated to charity. The artist has decided to give the money to the organization Hilfe für Menschen in Abschiebehaft Büren e. V. (offering help to people facing deportation). See more here: https://www.skulptur-projekte.de/#/En/Projects/2017/826/FAVARETTO Apparently a more sculptorical work, but much more. Fully integrated beside

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