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PHICUS+1: Ferran Fages – Àlex Reviriego –Vasco Trilla + Joachim Badenhorst. 13-7-2017

PHICUS+1 Ferran Fages – electric guitar Àlex Reviriego – doublebass Vasco Trilla – drums, percussion + Joachim Badenhorst – saxophone Robadors 23, Barcelona july, 13th, 2017 Phicus return to Robadors 23, this time accompanied by Joachim Badenhorst on reeds. Last time, I burbled on about “matching and contrasting tones and textures… layered and discarded in an unstoppable kineticism,” and yes, I’ll stand by those words. Phicus are carving out their own intense brand of precision disorder. Passages of glorious frenzy alternate with more meditative minimalism, and throughout there’s a constant energy, a seething potential being tapped and channelled. With the variety of extended techniques on display from all four musicians, it’s difficult sometimes to identify which alien sound is produced by whom but to give a flavour… Read the complete review at the author’s blog. Text by Dave Foxall, from his blog: http://ajazznoise.com/phicus1-13th-ju…

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