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En directe a Abaixadors 10, 2​/​4​/​2000 by SANTBONOBO URKEJTRA.

People that attended the event say that it was a very long performance going on for more than 6 hours. This is what survived. Desk sound was recorded by Ferràn Fages with a tape, but when tapes ran out, before another tape was inserted parts of the music was missed. Camera sound was recorded by Eli gras, with the same problem. So only a little more than 3 hours survived. Some players are not recorded on the desk recording. Thats why both recordings are included. Released January 26, 2023 Players: Rosa Arruti, Jesús Brotons, Ferràn Fages, Eli Gras, Mike Ibáñez, Francesc D. Melis, Alain Wergifosse. Instrument were changing hands often, so it is difficult to tell who plays what. Recorded April 2nd, 2000, at Abaixadors 10, Barcelona. Desk Recording by Ferràn Fages. Ambient Recording by Eli Gras. Desk recording and Ambient recording contain the same concert. Not all the sounds

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An extraordinary document. This was a one day super band, and this is what they performed at LEM Festival. Files are in flac compressed lossless format. Wav files exceed the allowed size. The concert was in memory of Michael Karoli, who had died days before. The day before died George Harrison. rRleased December 28, 2022 Alain Wergifosse, Albert Giménez, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Eli Gras, Ferràn Fages, Francesc D. Melis, Horacio Curti, Jakob Dramisnky HØjmark, Jesus Brotons, Jorge C. Porter, Luis Conde, Ruth Barberan. Recorded from desk with rewritable cd’s by an unknown sound engineer. Pictures by unknown. Original artwork by Francesc D. Melis. Free download here: https://novaera-msicasecreta.bandcamp.com/album/laptop-less-urkejtra-al-lem-barcelona-30-11-2001

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