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New: SÓLALA by Igor Daniel – Quicu Melis – Quicu Samsó – Lothar Stahl – Joan Vinuesa – Zarita.

QUICU MELIS KORG MS20, SQ10, MOOG, QUICU SAMSÓ drums, percussion, IGOR DANIEL vocals , JOAN VINUESA vocals , LOTHAR STAHL drums, percussion, ZARITA guitar. Recorded February 23rd, 2011, at Estudi Bonsó, by Guille Pérez. Cover paintings by unknown. Artwork by Antoni Robert.This is the follow up of the task of recovering the work of Francesc Diaz Melis (Quicu Melis) a prolific and versatile musician. This time we have the SUCIUQ duo (Melis-Samsó) plus a serie of guests performers, that made this session unique. Lothar Stahl has been for many years a member of the german world music fusion rock band EMBRYO, and he leads his own band STALHBAND. Igor Daniel is a member of Alquimia del Sol, and a regular Embryo collaborator. Zarita was a Secta Sónica founder and regular SUCIUQ collaborator, and Joan Vinuesa is a well known poet and musician, founder member of bands such as HADRAMAWTS and

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