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Train Pieces

Download link http://hazardrecords.mydocumenta.com    Hazard Records hr089 Train Piece #1 (Ono Piece) 2’43” Train Piece #2 (Harrison Piece) 4’30” Train Piece #3 (McCartney Piece) 5’47” Train Piece #4 (Fab Four Piece) 2’59” Train Piece #5 (Martin Piece) 6’02” Train Piece #6 (Starkey Piece) 3’44” Train Piece #7 (POB Piece) 5’05” Train Piece #8 (Wings Piece) 3’32” Train Piece #9 (Lennon Piece) 8’18” Bonus Track : Extended Club Mix.The Cavern Piece (They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?) 12’35” Antoni Robert: field recordings, sound processing, pictures & artwork public domain free download http://www.hazardrecords.org Sounds recorded and processed in 2015-2016 with zoom H2n and iphone. I play no instruments in this recording. This is deliberately a low-fi work. In the Yoko Ono-Plastic Ono Band LP (1970) there’s a track called “Paper Shoes” starting for some 2 minutes just with the sound of a train. I found this track fascinating. Since then I’ve always had

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Seven Berlin S-Bahn stations on the way to listen to Achim

Download link http://hazardrecords.mydocumenta.com    Hazard Records hr087 1. Ostkreutz   2′ 49” 2. Warschauer Strasse   3′ 35” 3. Ostbahnhof   4′ 50” 4. Jannovitzbrücke   3′ 29” 5. Alexanderplatz   3′ 56” 6. Hackescher Markt   3′ 31” 7. Friedrichstrasse  38′ 44” – Inside the Dark Room – Electromagnetic Fields – Pianissimo   Antoni Robert: field recordings, sound processing   September 2015 I play no instruments in this recording.   From September the 3rd until the 6th I attended all the concerts of the Life Lines festival dedicated to Hans-Joachim Roedelius in Berlin, at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. From my hotel near Ostkreutz station to the concert hall everyday I had to go through seven S-Bahn stations. This was like a ritual every day. Not knowing what for, I started doing some field recordings. During the day along Berlin streets, then at the concert hall I recorded

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