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New CD available: AMORGOS SOUNDSCAPE by Nikos Theologitis / Stamatis Theologitis / Giannis Theologitis / Antoni Robert

A new and exciting project! 1. Katapola 01:05 2. Panorama 1 10:12 3. Wind On Water 01:52 4. Nikos 01:05 5. Water On Wind 03:36 6. Nikos 2 01:28 7. Panorama 2 19:01 8. The Cave Children 00:48 9. Nikos 3 01:54 10. Panorama 3 21:23 11. Farewell 02:12 about The notion of folk culture has definitely been transformed through the course of the centuries. More particularly, tradition and its authenticity and spontaneity in the context of orality seem somehow to have been mutilated and reconstructed, as soon as globalization and multiculturalism became one of the dominant discourses during the 21st century. Folk songs haven’t been an exclusion in this particular case, as revivalism and folklorism have emerged as a devastating force in the production of folk music. In “Amorgos Soundscape” by Antoni Robert, a paradox occurs: One could say that these folk songs are seen through the eyes of a foreign visitor and the recording could be seen as

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BRIAN ENO: New Space Music & 77 Million Paintings at Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona 2017

Capturing the ambient. First in the New Space Music hall, only sound, and then in the 77 Million Paintings hall, just observing and listening to the generative sounds and images. You will never ever see the featured images or listen to the recorded sounds on live, because this is generative art, and so always changing and never repetitive.

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