New release!! D​.​O​.​S. live a Cal Cens featuring some VIP’s

Dr. Antoni Robert, synthesizer, guitar, objects, Offscope Jordi Buscà, guitar, vocals, samples, Sir Pere Canals, guitar, synthesizer, Pepe Ruz, electronics, Antonio K Puertas, drums, Bet Gàrgola, drums, Vicious, flute, Sisu, sax, vocals, Kikito de Aragón e Due Sicilie, digeridoo, vocals, Toni Barjau, piano

Recorded live at Cal Cens, 4/08/18.

Live performance with many great guests!! A great session with members of other iconic bands such as KLAMM, MATAVACAS, DESPERDICIS CLINICS, GÀRGOLA, KRAB, LILITH, ONGO, MU and PROJECTE NA!

Free download here: