Societat Alaka & Friends, at TheYesPlace, Barcelona, 10-3-2018 BCN ImproFest2018 closing act

Helena Pellisé, dance; Maria Mora Alcolea, dance; & Adriano Orrù, doublebass; Luiz Rocha, clarinet; Nuno Rebelo, performance; at TheYesPlace, Barcelona, 10-3-2018 BCN ImproFest2018 closing act

This was tha last actin BCN ImproFest 2018. This year’s edition has been really great. Along the following days I’ll be posting some stuff on the different performances of the festival. This is more than a improvised music festival, because we’ve had impro not only in music, but also in dance, poetry, video, painting & drawing and performance. A great room for creativity in every way of expression. We’re happy too because we’ve had a large audience, and this opens some hope for the future for having some sponsors. So far participants are here because they want and they know that they will have a good time. Thanks to Miquel Jordà, the boss of the BCN ImproFest and to all the performers. They have made this miracle a reality.


From left to right, Nuno Rebelo, Helena Pellisé, Luiz Rocha, Maria Mora Alcolea, Adriano Orrù, Miquel Jordà.

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