MIS at Albareda, 10-3-2018, BCN ImproFest 2018

MIS MIS by Moviment de Insurrecció Sonora;  David Garcia Aparicio, conducting; Nuria Martinez Vernis, poetry; Oriol Sauleda, poetry; Mireia Tejero, alto sax; Lluis Valles, tenor sax; Adele Madau, electric violin; Mercè Ros, drums; Josefina Rozembausser, bandoleon; Andrea Rodo, guitar; Eduard Altaba, doublebass; at Albareda, 10-3-2018; BCN ImproFest 2018. This is an extended line up of MIS, with many guests and two poets. https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%BA… https://www.facebook.com/oriol.sauled… http://moviment-insurreccio-sonora.com/

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