Amazones at Albareda, Barcelona, 9-3-2018; BCN ImproFest 2018

This evening was dedicated to female performers only. This is a short sample of what happened. More or less in apearance order. Bea Vilaseca, voice; Mireia Tejero, alto sax; Montserrat Palacios, voice; Úrsula San Cristóbal, flute; Ilona Schneider, voice; Sarah Claman, violin; Sol Picó, dance; Josefina Rozembausser, bandoleon; voice Maria Radich, voice; Maria do Mar, violin; Sofía Borges, percussions; Mercè Ros, drums; Alba Tor, voice; Mariona Sagarra, voice; Maresca Adelaide, performance; Susana Subirana, dance.

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