Constanza Brncic, Juan Carlos Lérida, Joan Antoni Pich, Nuno Rebelo, at Sinestesia, Barcelona, 10-4-2018

Constanza Brncic, dansa; Juan Carlos Lérida, dansa; Joan Antoni Pich, violoncel; Nuno Rebelo, guitarra; at Sinestesia, Barcelona, 10-4-2018; SOM-HI! #21 laboratori d’improvisació lliure impulsat per Marianne Brull.Again the magic of Constanza. She wanders around gravityless, filling the space and strongly capturing your attention with her intense expressiveness. Accompanied this time by Juan Carlos Lérida, a nice surprise, especially when performing tap dance. De luxe musical sountrack by two known masters, able to use their instruments in unexpected, and unusual ways. A real privilege to ba able admire this sort of performance in the very short distance.