BCN ImproFest 2018 All Stars Band at Albareda, Barcelona, 10-3-2018

“Uns i altres” by  Joma, video; Dave Jackson, alto sax; Llorenç Barber, bells & voice; Montserrat Palacios, voice; Úrsula San Cristóbal, flute, voice; Silvia Corda, piano; Miquel Àngel Marín, clarinet; Fernando Simoes, trombone; Paulo Chagas, alto sax; Nuria Martinez Vernis, poetry; Oriol Sauleda, poetry; Maresca Adelaide, performance; Mireia Tejero, alto sax; Lluis Valles, tenor sax; Adele Madau, electric violin; Mercè Ros, drums; Josefina Rozembausser, bandoleon; Andrea Rodo, guitar; Eduard Altaba, doublebass; Miquel Jordà, alto sax; David Garcia Aparicio, conducting; (as far as I remember…..) at Albareda, Barcelona, 10-3-2018; BCN ImproFest 2018.

The final piece at Albareda, in order to put a soundtrack to a video by Joma belonging to the Uns i Altres serie. A real improvisers all star!

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